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Friday, 14 February 2014

Mexican Anthology México Bárbaro Racking Up the Mexican Female Horror Directors with the Inclusion of Bautizo Director Laurette Flores!

Okay, so I'm totally fucking digging Lex Ortega right now.  Lex is the guy behind México Bárbaro, the new Mexican anthology which features a slew of amazing directors!!  Anyhoo, after my initial press release about the film where I credited the gore~geous Gigi Saul Guerreo, the not exactly difficult on the eyes himself, Lex, messaged me to inform me that not only does his anthology feature the work of  Madam Guerrero....it also features another totally bad ass chick, Laurette Flores.  :)

Laurette Flores's short Bautizo shall also be featured in the line up, which features a whole host of amazing Mexican guys as well.  And rather than total sexism, the only thing for sure that Lex is looking for, on top of being a super rad filmmaker of course, is that the person is a born and bred Mexican.  Which is pretty fucking sweet in my book!! :)  

I've just watched Bautizo having been given the version with the English subtitles and holy fuck!!  It's fucking brutal.  But not in an over the top way.  More just shocking in general.  Which makes it all the more effective. 

And random fact - it's highly entertaining that my favourite type of foreign language films are Mexican (followed by German), but yet I am highly allergic to capsaicin, the chemical found in chilli...a staple of the Mexican diet.  Haha.  I always find that Mexican films feel so raw, but are visually stunning at the same time.  There is some real talent out there and it's great to see a collection of up and coming, alongside established Mexican directors.

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