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Saturday, 21 January 2017

Rose McGowan's "WOMANSWOMB" is a Must See Visual Statement Against Our Times of Dictatorship!

Holy fucking shit!  Rose McGowan is giving me all sorts of feels right now!  As an actress, she was awesome.  As an outspoken activist however...she is actually one of the most incredible and inspirational women out there leading the way today!  And as someone I totally consider one of my favourite women in horror, this level of punk as fuck awesomeness just makes me love her all the more!

"I actually used some of my own blood, put hydrogen peroxide in it, bubbled it up, filmed it, and then had a lovely Indian model in something that looks womb-like work her way out of ," she explained. "The black bars on the side of the frame represent how society squeezes women, squeezes their rights."

Like, actually LOOOOOVE!!!  She is fucking incredible! 

Her new video is a stunning piece of visceral artwork that truly echoes the real horrors of the world around us.  A world where women are still seen as second-class citizens in a world dictated to by men!   With the election to Presidential status of an inflated, uneducated orange blob with no care or concern for Women's Rights (Human Rights, Environmental Rights....any rights other than that of fellow racist, misogynistic, narcissistic, homophobic middle/upper class white wankers!), Rose has spoken out in the most incredible and genuinely touching way.  

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