"Jennifer’s Bodies is a roving annual festival of female-helmed horror movies and part of Women In Horror Recognition Month, an international assortment of affiliated events organised partly to highlight just how much women can and do contribute to the genre outwith the typically accepted factors of tits, ass and mezzosoprano screaming." Starburst Magazine

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Jennifer's Bodies 2017 Official Selection - Jessica Cameron's, Tristan Risk and Ellie Church Starring MANIA!

So I was supposed to be screening Mania last year, but due to projector problems just before I was away to show it, I was annoyingly unable to let people into the madness!!  Amusingly enough, it was after a burlesque act that everything crashed, haha.  Anyhoo, I  LOVE this film and know that you all need to see it! 

Tomorrow, you will finally get to see this incredible film from one of Jennifer's Bodies favourites, Jessica Cameron, and starring horror darlings Tristan Risk and Ellie Church! :) 

I have been screening Jess's work for YEARS....first starting with the lovely lady as an actress and teaming up with Elisabeth and Brenda Fies.  It makes me so freakin' proud to see just how far she has come, how little shit she takes, and just how much of a genuine bad ass she is!  And she can play so sweet at the same time.  That is an admirable quality for sure and Jessica Cameron oooooozes it from her every pore!

Jess is easily one of the most identifiable women at the forefront of Women in Horror, and she owns that position for a reason!  This woman is a workaholic who never stops.  

As an actress, Jess has been totally earning her reputation as a total scream queen over the years.  But it is when you look behind the scenes, that you realise that she is making equally as much of, if not more of, a bad ass reputation!  Anyone who has seen Truth or Dare will realise that this is a girl unafraid to push boundaries.  Mania continues to do the same thing...push the boundaries...fight convention!  And in the most darkly delicious of ways possible! 

Come and check it out this Sunday at Blackfriars in Glasgow! 

You can follow Jessica on Facebook, Twitter and at her Official Website.  

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