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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

EXCLUSIVE ANNOUNCEMENT AND NEW FEATURE - Woman Crush Wednesday's - Introducing The Fairy Flag's Clare Ross as the Lead Character Jo in Scottish Dystopian Indie Flick Safe Haven.

This past Monday, I started a new feature over at my Musings of a Morleysaurus blog, entitled Manflesh Monday's.  To go along with this, I thought it would be fun to do a Woman Crush Wednesday's over here.  Obviously my idea of a crush is a lot different to that of the norm's of society...however I am sure you will all agree, that both the men and women I shall be featuring, have a lot to offer the world of film, and not just aesthetically either.  :)

Having worked with Clare throughout the month of June on Scottish fantasy film The Fairy Flag, when it came to needing to re-cast our lead Jo, Clare was absolutely perfect for the role.

Having seen that Clare can find that perfect balance between playing a vulnerable character, all the way up to total spear throwing, archer bad assery...we know that Clare has the acting chops to pull off the evolution of this character.

When we first meet Jo, she has just been "released from a bunker that she was 'kept safe' in, due to being from a wealthy family'...all around the time the world started to go to shit due to the collapse of the government as we know it.  Something that is socially relevant today, and in the year of the vote for Scottish Independence, and in a time where Westminster are screwing things up left, right and center, how long before mankind folds in on itself?  Jo has pretty much grown up in this bunker, and everything she has been taught, is what they have taught her.  When she gets out, she realises all too quickly that the stories she has been told, were exactly that...stories.  Lies.  A government trying to cover its own ass!!  Sound familiar?

This summer, Clare is extremely busy, with a play on at the Edinburgh Fringe, as well as the filming of Safe Haven, and the completion of The Fairy Flag just last month...this girl's star is rising, and I think it is time for her to shine!! :)

Having worked with Urban Fox Theatre previously on a show called Globophobia, Clare is once again working with them, this time on Safeword.  Even looking at Clare's style in Globophobia, she oozes notes of Jo.  A very clean Jo...but a Jo nonetheless.  At least I think so. :) See for yourself below.

On top of being a really talented actress, Clare is just an all out cool fucking human being.  She is a total feminist and advocate for women's rights, a humanitarian, and just downright cool chick to hang out with.  And she gets extra brownie points for being friends with my friend Ian Grier.  When I saw we had a mutual friend on FB when I first met her, I was like, hang on...this is like, one of my ACTUAL friends...not a film person.  This is an Arbroath person.  This is a boy who I spent OH so much time hanging out in the pub in the mid to late 90's, and whom when we weren't at the pub (back when it was AWESOME, haha), we were back at our friend Andy's flat, a boy who became my bestest friend in the universe!!  Haha.  Anyhoo, turned out they worked together at this really funky bookstore in Glasgow together.  This was where Ian told me he had hung out with Bret Easton Ellis after he was there for a book signing.  Small world right?!  So yay....Cruella Da Ville all the way! :)  

For more from Clare, be sure to follow her on Twitter - @ClareRossActor, and I'll be keeping y'all in the loop anyhoo!! :)

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