"Jennifer’s Bodies is a roving annual festival of female-helmed horror movies and part of Women In Horror Recognition Month, an international assortment of affiliated events organised partly to highlight just how much women can and do contribute to the genre outwith the typically accepted factors of tits, ass and mezzosoprano screaming." Starburst Magazine

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

So Just Why is it We Need Women in Horror Month?

As an ambassador for Women in Horror Recognition Month, I am always on a mission to keep people informed as to our general mission, and all year round as well.  Like I always say, it's a celebration of women in horror, as more than just tits and ass!!  :)  

Now last night I was speaking to a director/filmmaker I'm working with and I mentioned how much of a niche crowd us women in horror guys really are.  His reaction was, "Even more niche than British American Football?" to which I replied, "Are you fucking kidding me!?"  He then went on to say that he's known loads of women at college/uni etc. that were equally as good as the guys, ya di yah.  I then asked him what in an ideal world would be an easy fucking question for a filmmaker to answer - name some female directors!!  The only two he could think of were Sofia Coppola and "that chick that did The Hurt Locker"!!! 

THAT CHICK being Katherine Bigelow, pictured below on the set of cult Lance Henriksen vampire flick, Near Dark!

 I then asked him to name me some female horror directors, excluding Jen and Sylvia Soska, just because I'm friends with them and he only knows of them because of me, so that wouldn't count...that would be like asking him to name some of my mates.  The only female he could come up with was Jen Lynch...but again, she's a chick I'm always writing about etc.  Apart from them, he couldn't think of any!!   Yet if I asked him to name male filmmakers, he'd have no problem.  The thing is, yes, he's right, there are plenty of women out there that are just as good as the guys, if not better...so why the hell don't we see more of their work more often??  The answer is simple, women are treated as second class citizens in the movie industry.  And that is just something that does NOT sit right with me....at all!!   

Anyhoo, when putting together an article of all the Women in Horror Recognition Month Events, founder Hannah Neurotica pulled this quote from me that I had written a few years back to go alongside Jennifer's Bodies, and I'd totally forgotten about it!!  Although I fucking love it and still stand by what I said! 

"So what is the whole point of this, and why should we stand up and be noticed!?! Well, for one....the amount of talented and downright fucking awesome women that work in this genre is unbelievable!!! They write, they direct, they produce, they blog and most importantly....they are bloody awesome FANS!!!!!! Are we given that recognition though, hellsssss NOOO!!!!! The general concept is still that chicks are supposed to hide behind their hands and clutch onto the guy next to them...FUCK THAT!!!!! Because you know what, we're just as sick and twisted, if not even more so...we are also just as talented and have just as much to give when it comes to horror!!! So yay, join me in a celebration of wonderfully talented, totally rad-core to the maximus laydeeees that are changing the face of horror and who if you jump on the band wagon now, you can be all like "I was totally into them like waaaaaaay before they became popular!!!" 

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