"Jennifer’s Bodies is a roving annual festival of female-helmed horror movies and part of Women In Horror Recognition Month, an international assortment of affiliated events organised partly to highlight just how much women can and do contribute to the genre outwith the typically accepted factors of tits, ass and mezzosoprano screaming." Starburst Magazine

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The Gore~Geous Gigi Saul Guerrero's ABC's of Death Winning Short to be Featured at Jennifer's Bodies!

So it is with great pleasure that I can announce that I shall be showing the fantastic ABC's of Death 1.5 winning entry from the talented as fuck, and absolutely gore~geous Mexican director Gigi Saul Guerrero, M is for Matador.

One of the things that I love most about this short, is that it actually encompasses two of the things I am most passionate about, women in horror, and animal rights.  I have always been against bull fighting, however this is very much a whole different level of fucked up, and one that works incredibly well for me, and brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "payback's a bitch"!! :) 

M is for Matador is not only a wicked little take on the whole bullfighting tradition, and how women are so often treated in society, it is also a shit load of fun, gorgeously directed, and with some wicked fx and make up!  

It's a fucking awesome entry, and completely deserving of the recognition that it has earned already, and of the recognition that I am sure it will go on to develop even more when The ABC's of Death 1.5 is released.   

I've been busy pouring over all of Gigi's work, both past, and I've also been lucky enough to see what this kick ass chick has in store for the future too!  I've been busy comprising a blog about all of her work, and I'll also be doing an interview with the lovely lady herself...and hopefully announcing some more kick ass news too!  :)

In the meantime though, horror fans, I cannot stress enough that if you've not checked out her work that is available online so far, then get your butts over to her Luchagore Productions pages over at FacebookYouTube and Twitter and get a reading and a watching all you can!  :)

In fact, start with this, her first film, Dead Crossing...a zombie short that she made back in 2011, when she was only about 19/20!

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