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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Vera Farmiga - Step Away from the God Damned Stairs!!!! Bates Motel - Fearing the Obvious!

Okay, I have to get this out there....Psycho fans, and Bates Motel fans, if I see one more shot of Norma Bates on those god forsaken stairs, I might have an actual aneurysm myself!!  There are so many absolutely delicious shots that make me think THIS>>>>>>>

The episode before the penultimate episode of Season 2, fuck me....there were so many actual Psycho references, I thought I might pee myself in fear/anticipation!!  And anyone that knows me, knows that I am a total Hitchcock nerd!!  In fact, my gateway into the world of my horror peeps, was actually Rob G, from Icons of Fright, and The Psycho Legacy, and also James Wan, whom Vera worked with on the excellent film The Conjuring. He's the reason y'all know me now.  Yup, yup, yup.  :)  So yes, to be watching this show, it's so fucking intense right now, I feel I might just go crazy daft with my nervous foreknowledge!

This penultimate episode though, fucking hell......we have seen just how far Norma has sunk into her darling child's psyche!  And interestingly enough, we've also seen in these last two episodes just how much she has affected Dylan as well.  Which I find, in a way, all the more fascinating, as Dylan has always been, in my humble opinion, the voice of the audience.  When Norma and Norman are living in their fucked up reality, it's Dylan that's calling them out on their weirdness.  Yet at the end of the day, all Dylan really wants, is love from Mommy Dearest!  Which I guess is scarily what every child craves.  

I will say, time and time again, this show is constantly outdoing itself, and this Hitchcock nerd adores it too.  Which is something I admittedly questioned, on more than a few occasions as well.  My beloved LOST man Carlton Cuse has provided me with not just a show I watch and look forward to though, he's provided me with a show I fucking LOVE!!!  

And I gots to say, that bat shit crazy assed Norma is a huge part of my reason for loving it!  Coupled with the fact that Freddie Highmore is actually a wee bit TOO fucking good as Norman, and Max Theriot is just as wonderful as Dylan....and so fucking crushable!!  And not just crushable squishable....just god damned CRUSHable!!  Haha.  So yeah, watch this fucking show....like NOW!!!!  This Psycho would NOT send you to the Bates Motel if she didn't think you'd enjoy the stay!  Bwahahahahaha.  :)

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