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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Woman Crush Wednesday - The Mother of ALL Inspiration....MADONNA!!

I fucking LOVE Madonna.  Like....more than average love of a pop star.  She is my ultimate female love and inspiration, and a truly worthy contender for Woman Crush Wednesday.  Hell, I could write a feature on every single song, and video she has ever done.  Haha. :)

So anyhoo...yesterday I discovered that previously unreleased tracks from her Erotica period had surfaced.  EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!  This is the single fucking coolest, and most squeeee inducing music moment I have had in a while.  Erotica is one of my single most overplayed, loved to fuck, and just downright favourite albums of ALL time!!

So yeah, this is pretty fucking overload of awesome for this hardcore Madonna nerd right now.  Bad Girl is possibly my favourite song of all time, it's sheer perfection.  And the video...did you know that it was directed by David Fincher?  And stars Christopher Walker.  It's fucking EPIC, and so beautiful.

What I love so much about the Bad Girl video is that it perfectly echos that feeling of utter lonliness and depression, one that can only be rectified by death.  And for someone such as Madonna to really put herself out there like that, I think it's truly something special.  She has faced so many hardships over her life, and she has fought and clawed her way back on more occasions than I can remember.  This woman is an inspiration and one who I for sure am grateful to all her awesome outspoken feminist ways. 

Ooh, and like Madonna says, you can Like it, Or NOT!! :)

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