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Monday, 16 February 2015

EXCLUSIVE - SPECIAL GUEST ANNOUNCEMENT - American Mary, Redacted and Call Girl's Little Miss Risk Herself...Tristan Risk!

It is with the greatest of nerdy pleasures that I can announce that not only shall I be screening Jill Sixx Gevargizian's Call Girl, starring Tristan Risk.  Little Miss Risk herself shall also be in attendance!  WHEEEEEEEE!!! :)

Tristan Risk first came to my attention when Jen and Sylvia Soska emailed me to say that they had re-cast the role of Beatress in American Mary.  Like those two freakshows, I instantly fell in love with this twisted, intelligent, sugar and spice, and all things nice....and SALTY...(if one is to quote Jennifer Check from Jennifer's Body!)...chickaroo!!  As did Mommy Agnes Soska (pictured below with the trio of terror,mwahahahaha!!)....who is like mine and Tristan's surrogate mommy!! :)  We looooooooove her!!! <3

Originally the girls had went to meet up with Tristan as she was part of Vancouver's Sweet Soul Burlesque troop, and they wanted her to do the choreography on American Mary.  Tristan was more than just some chick who could shake her booty though....she WAS Beatress!! This sweet, sexy, smart, totally mental person....both inside and out.  She was perfect!

Everything about this girl oozes quirk!  She is quintessentially my ideal woman!  She is fearless in a way that one can only admire, and it was quite clear from a very young age, that this girl was never going to be one to conform!  And whilst some may judge her for taking her clothes off (you know there are gonna be prudish assholes out there who will be doing this!!)....the way she does it....it is the ultimate expression of feminism and liberation.  She doesn't do this for the sexual gratification of men.  She does this to feel free...and because it feels so natural to her.  And because she has god damned fun doing it!! :) 

She is smart as hell and a total lover of sharks...so my sister Kimberley will instantly love her...as she does Tristan's American Mary co-star, Katherine Isabelle.  

We live in a world where people are so often afraid to express themselves.  We live in a world where slut shaming is the norm.  Men can sleep around with as many women as they want and get high fived....yet if a girl even THINKS about embracing her sexuality, she's a whore!!  WhatEVER!!

Tristan is the kind of girl that makes you want to skip through the forest throwing your clothes off whilst giggling and playing hide and seek.  She's like a drug...if only we could be snorting her, we'd be the happiest freakshow of love, freedom, madcap hilarity and genuine compassion on the face of the planet!! :)  

Such a wonderful personality deserves to have parts written, just for her.  And that is what my fellow Scot, Andy Stewart has done with his latest film Redacted.  He has written the part with Tristan in mind.  And trust me....this is SO Risky!! ;)  

We're currently in the process of raising fundage for the film just now, so if you've got some pennies to spare, or you'd like to help out in any way...check out the campaign on IndieGoGo.  There are some shit hot perks depending on how much funds you can donate.  Like, if you can afford it, there are some seriously awesome, one of a kind perks too.  Check it out!! :)

To keep up to date with all things Risky, then be sure to LIKE her on Facebook, and follow her on Twitter too.  :)



Oooh....lastly....this is my PERSONAL song for Risky to strip to for me!! :) 

Also, I think that Thrasher by my friend Gavin Bain, aka Brain McLoud is a pretty decent 'WELCOME TO SCOTLAND YO' kinda track!  Especially if Andy and crew get Risky on the Bucky!!  Baaahahahahahaha.  That is Buckfast Tonic Wine

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