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Saturday, 14 February 2015

Vote for my Favourite Mexican, the UBER Talented La Muñeca Del Terror‬ Gigi Saul Guerrero for Miss Shock Stock!

My precious, most beloved little Mexican of bad ass filmmaking is one of the finalists for Miss Shock Stock and I'm asking y'all to go vote for her....it can be your Valentine's gift to me.  :)  

Anyone who follows anything I do, will know that since I discovered Gigi, I have done everything I can to make sure people realise the immense amount of talent that this chicka has to offer.  

Her films are absolutely gore~geous, and just downright brilliant!!  I mean, just take a look at this wee sizzle reel of highlights to get your blood juices a flowin'!!  And then click on THIS link, scroll to the bottom, and VOTE for GIGI!! She did make a film with a midget, cannibal Mexican wrestler in a monkey suit after all!! ;)  You can find plenty of features on the lovely lady by scrolling through this blog...I do love her...A LATTE!!! ;) 



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