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Saturday, 8 February 2014

Blast from the Past - An Interview with Sybling Rivalry Director - Tara-Nicole Azarian!

Name of Short - Sybling Rivalry
Running Time – 6:50
Year of Completion - Sept 2011
Location of Shooting - Charlotte, NC - USA
Director - Tara-Nicole Azarian

What inspired you to make this short in particular?

I made it as part of a short film challenge. A professional film club I belong to, the CFC, had a contest to make a short film (under 10 mins) using the phrase - "what scares me". This is what I came up with. :o)

Is this the first short that you have worked on and if not, what other work have you done before this?

I've acted since I was 4 years old, so I have done a lot of films...I really don't know how many...I know it's over 40. But, as far as a writer or director, Sybling was the second film I wrote & directed. The first was a film about eating disorders called, "My Name Is Anna" which I wrote when I was 11. That film has done surprisingly well considering that my 14 year old brother & I made it by ourselves on a $300 budget. It's won Best Film twice in festivals. Besides these 2 films I also just finished post production on my 3rd film which I've written & directed. It's called "Cardboard" and it's about homelessness. 

What are you working on next?

I am writing my 4th screenplay right now, it's another horror film, but it's more in the suspense genre...no blood & guts, but lots of creepy / disturbing content.

Name one woman who you would just absolutely love to work with and why?!

Oh gosh...that totally depends on the genre! If it's family comedy - it would be Hilary Duff - simply because I love the fact that she began as a child actress & came through without all the drama. She seems to have her head on straight & one thing I really admire is work ethic!

If the genre was drama - it would be Daphne Zuniga - because she plays mean so darn well & I play meek & fragile & cry very well, so I think it would be an interesting set! Also, I really, really admire her for all the civic works she does in her life. She really gives back. She's a great person inside & out.

If the genre was horror - I would want to work with Megan Fox. I really liked how she portrayed creepy in Jennifer's Body. (Heehee, awesome answer!!!) 

If it's a period / historical film - I'd want to work with either Nicole Kidman or Whoopie Goldberg. Totally different, I know - but both these ladies rock that genre!

If you could choose one person, living or dead, who would choose to work with on your ideal project?

Ok, this is going to sound like a beauty pageant answer, but I am serious. I really, really want to give back & help others with my work in some way. 2 of the films I wrote were about social issues (anorexia & homelessness). I would love to work with Oprah on something, because she has the ability to rally people behind a cause & I know that whatever the project would be, it would end up helping lots of people because of Oprah's involvement. I really admire how much she does for other people. It makes me smile. :o)

Are you going to be doing anything special to celebrate Women in Horror Month this year?

I am filming my 4th screenplay - which is a horror film. :o)

Random question – if you had to recommend one TV show that you think people just HAVE to watch, what would you recommend!?!

House. Love it, I'm addicted. I need a 12 step program. I can't quit! :o)

What's your favourite film from the past year? (Doesn't have to be horror!)

In Time. Fantastic, creative, loved it.

You were 12 years old when you did Sybling Rivalry, that is a pretty darn impressive! As a kid, I was always just ever so morbid with an over-active imagination....actually, what am I saying, 'when I was a kid', haha, that should be 'my whole life!!!'...anyhoo, I never actually put any of my morbid fantasies and ideas onto film. What was it that inspired you to do so?

Well, I wouldn't say I'm morbid...I would call it creatively creepy. :o) I'm a giant nerd who is into Japanse manga. My imagination is, well, active. Fortunately I have a supportive mom & dad who think that being creative is a positive thing & they support both my brother & me in our odd interests. My mom actually inspired my to write stuff down...but I think it was her way of not having to listen to it. If I wrote about it I would not ramble in her ear so much. LOL.

You have an amazingly supportive Mum, has she always been there in the background helping you to do what you want and to follow your dreams?

Yeah, she is very supportive. Anything my brother or I have wanted to try, she's been there...even when she knew it was not really the best fit for us, she let us figure that out. Like when my brother wanted to play basket ball & ran the wrong way down the court...or when I wanted to do a fashion show & it was all I could do to not trip over my feet. She sat there & clapped & smiled & didn't look remotely surprised when my brother switched to Karate (he's now a black belt) and I concentrated on acting. But my point is, she let us crash & burn & figure it out on our own. She was there to always tell us how fabulous we were, even when we weren't.

The first Scream movie was released before your were born (dude you are making me feel old, haha!), to people such as myself, an oh so young 32 year old, teehee, Scream is modern horror, made in that oh so nostalgic decade of the 90's! Do you still look at this as an old movie, for example, does it look dated to you?

I embrace movies of all eras!

And lastly, what is your favourite horror?

It's an indie prequel to "Halloween" called "Judith". It's the first Horror film I had a speaking role in & it got me hooked. It was filmed at The Myers House in North Carolina, which is owned by my friend Kenny Caperton. He built an exact replica of the house from "Halloween." It's awesome to see. Kenny & the director Josh Hasty were just so great to me on set...I can't thank them enough for the experience.

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