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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Woman Crush Wednesday - Saying Goodbye to Detective Sarah Linden of The Killing - My Modern Day Scully. played by Mireille Enos!

To compliment my Manflesh Monday post this week, over at my Musings of a Morleysaurus blog, where my manflesh of the week of Detective Stephen Holder from The Killing, my Woman Crush Wednesday is dedicated to his partner in crime fighting crime...Detective Sarah Linden.  

What can I say about Detective Linden, apart from the fact that she wears sexy sweaters?  :)  Detective Linden is the kind of cop, that in many ways, you wish more cops were like.  From a professional standpoint, her job is everything.  She will stop at nothing to find her killer.  Obsessing over cases to the point of breaking, Detective Linden is well aware of just how corrupt the system is and she becomes so engrossed in solving the case and exposing the bad guys, that she kind of forgets to have an actual life.  Or to eat.  

She is broken in so many ways.  And this can be seen so badly in her personal life.  Or lack there of.  On more than 10 occasions, Holder has to remind her that she has a son, and one that is growing up fast, and concerned about his work obsessed mother.

I think what makes Linden such a strong female character is that she does everything she can to surpass the bullshit.  Working in a heavily male orientated environment, she will stop at nothing, and has on more than one occasion risked her career fighting for the truth.  And the fact that she is so flawed, it makes her easier to relate too on so many levels.  

Linden is definitely the more serious one out of the two.  Holder is, in many ways, a light at the end of the dark tunnel that is her life.  Yes, she questions him, gets paranoid about him...but she will also DO ANYTHING for him.  And that is why she is my modern day Scully.  Or actually, her and Holder, they both have Mulder and Scully qualities, and it is a mix of these qualities together that make THEM my modern day Mulder and Scully.

Mireille Enos's portrayal of Sarah Linden is so perfect, and as an actress, I give her so much credit for her ability to go to those incredibly dark places that she often finds herself in.  She truly is a gifted actress, and like Joel Kinnaman's Holder; I am going to miss them very dearly.

Thank you Netflix for giving Holder and Linden closure.  And thank you for such a beautiful ending and an interesting and complex case. :)  Follow The Killing on Twitter - @TheKilling and use #TheKillingLives.  You can also find them on Facebook too. 

Oooh, and as a funny X Files nod, Linden had a relationship with her boss, Skinner, and in the X Files episode Hollywood A.D., the film that is being made about Mulder and Scully and Skinner (or The Skinman, bwahahahaha!!) has the Scully character saying she is in love with Skinner.  MWAHAHAHA.  :)  #XPhileForLifeYo

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