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Saturday, 28 February 2015

Jennifer's Bodies 2015 Line Up - Feature Films Category - Maude Michaud's Stunning Debut Feature Dys-, Starring Shannon Lark!

Maude Michaud is a filmmaker I have been friends with since I started my "women in horror" journey.  Over the years, I have screened the majority of her shorts (including the Shannon Lark starring RED), and it is with great fucking pleasure that I bring to Scotland, her gore~geous debut feature, Dys-.

Set in Montreal during a viral outbreak, people are advised to stay in their homes to avoid contamination from a virus that has been causing confusion, rage and fits of coughing blood. 

 Confined to their apartment, Dys- explores the relationship between married couple Ava and Sam, paying particular attention to the perception of both women, and mental health challenges in society today. 

The beautiful thing about Dys- is that we question ourselves as to what we are seeing....what is real, and what is imagined...which adds to the claustrophobic head fuck that we are already witnessing in glorious detail!

Starring horror darling and total bad ass genre feminist, Shannon Lark, in a role that is a definite contrast from that of her I AM MONSTER character Vivienne...although she still digs the kink, haha.

Dys- literally hits the nail on the head when it comes to the subject of a woman's place in the modern world we live in, and how little things have really changed over the past hundred years and more!!

This is a powerful performance from Shannon Lark.  There are moments of complete vulnerability and terror, to self pleasing eroticism, to just downright crazy.

Dys- explores the perception in society that women have an expiry date, and for a character such as Shannon's ex-model Ava who has largely spent her career working with her husband...when he goes to New York to take a new job, and leaves her at home....you really do learn that "Home is Where the Hurt Is".  

I'm not going to say anything more other than, YOU NEED TO SEE THIS FILM!!!!!  :)  Trust ME! xo


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