"Jennifer’s Bodies is a roving annual festival of female-helmed horror movies and part of Women In Horror Recognition Month, an international assortment of affiliated events organised partly to highlight just how much women can and do contribute to the genre outwith the typically accepted factors of tits, ass and mezzosoprano screaming." Starburst Magazine

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Jennifer's Bodies Official Selection 2017 - Karen Lam's Chiral!

I am so happy to announce that Jennifer's Bodies favourite crazy cat lady and knitting obsessive, Karen Lam, is back!  Yay!  Over the years I have screened two of the Lam'ster's features, Evangeline and Stained, as well as shorts Doll Parts, The Meeting, Stalled and The Stolen.

Karen creates such visually stunning films with a very twisted and macabre heart making this Canadian most definitely a woman after my own heart, haha.

This year I shall be screening her short film Chiral, which sees an art dealer confronting a would-be thief, only to come face to face with a horrifying experience.  

(Nelson Leis

Starring Nelson Leis (who has worked on two of my favourite ever shows, Bates Motel and The Killing, as well as Arrow, The Flash, Supernatural, The 4400 and a whole heap of cool stuff, including Lam's Evangeline!!), Vanessa Walsh (Supernatural, Olympus, Almost Human) and Ingrid Nilson (the voice of Raspberry Torte in the Strawberry Shortcake animated series, voice of Maud Pie in My Little Pony....like basically doing cartoons that were two of my favourites as a kid - how totally cool is that!?  She was also in Supernatural as well.   Ingrid is also a professional dancer, burlesque performer, song writer, theatre creator....an all round talented chickaroo!)

(Karen Lam and Vanessa Walsh)

(Ingrid Nilson)

Alongside Lam, Leis and Walsh, the film was also produced by Karen Wong.  Creepily enough (you wouldn't expect anything less from me, haha!!), I have just discovered that one of the films I was talking about yesterday in work, was actually the first film she worked on.  The utterly gore~geous Kissed!  Yes, I was talking about necrophilia to my customers at work, haha.  Wong has also worked on a bunch of Little Miss Lam's films, including producing the incredible Evangeline.

Ooh, Karen is also currently working as a staff writer on Neil Labute's Syfy series Van Helsing which I totally need to check out!  

You can check out the Official Facebook Page for Chiral here.  

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