"Jennifer’s Bodies is a roving annual festival of female-helmed horror movies and part of Women In Horror Recognition Month, an international assortment of affiliated events organised partly to highlight just how much women can and do contribute to the genre outwith the typically accepted factors of tits, ass and mezzosoprano screaming." Starburst Magazine

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Jennifer's Bodies Official Selection 2017 - World Premiere of Julie Robinson's Were!

I am super happy to announce that I shall be showing the World Premiere of fellow Scot, Julie Robinson's deliciously awesome Were at Jennifer's Bodies this year.  Were most definitely made me smile, a lot.  It's actually a pretty cool reflection of the culture going on in the Western World today but with a perfectly horror~ific twist! :)  

(Girls in the woods, takes me back to being a teenager....mwahahahaha!  That makes me giggle because me hanging out in graveyards with my friend started some interesting "cult" rumours, hahahaha.)

"Were is a short film that sees three girls camping in the woods approached by a sinister stranger."

Everyone knows how much of a patriotic Scot I am, haha, so it fills me with immense pride to be showing this alongside Jo Osborne's Requital, as well as promoting other Scottish women in horror.  Due to this being the actual premiere of the film as well, all cast and crew will be in attendance which is super cool! 

"Julie is a busy Mother of two, who has worked as a Lighting Console Operator and Vision Engineer at BBC Scotland since September 2000.

In her limited spare time, Julie runs Jumbled Up Productions, through which she enjoys working on various film projects.  The first was Accidents Happen, a short black comedy written, produced and scored by Julie, with the rest of the roles being filled by her friends and work colleagues.  Julie followed this up by writing, producing and directing Socks & Shoes Off: Tora Black Belt Academy, an hour-long documentary about the people involved in a local karate club.  Jumbled Up's third project, Were - a short horror film again written, produced and directed by Julie, is currently in post-production.

(Julie on set, hard at work!

Some of her vision and lighting work at the BBC include: 

Mrs Brown’s Boys, The Life Of Riley, The Weakest Link, The Kids Are Alright, Frank Skinner's Opinionated, Ask Rhod Gilbert, National Lottery Jetset, This Is Your Life, Question Time, Top Of The Pops Saturday, Copycats, Children In Need, Hogmany Live, The Mod, Celtic Connections, BAFTA Scotland Awards, Robert Burns' World Tour Of Scotland, The Saturday Show, Live & Kicking, Get 100, Nina & The Neurons, Newsnight Review, The Edinburgh Military Tattoo, Proms In The Park, T In The Park, Live 8, Harry Potter At The Castle, Grandstand, various coverage of The Edinburgh Festival, and many live sporting events including Football, Rugby, Golf, Badminton, Athletics, Snooker, Indoor Bowls, Mountain Biking and the Great Caledonian Run."

(Were cast and crew on set!

You can find out more info by visiting the Official Facebook Page as well as the Jumbled Up Productions website too, and be sure to look out for an interview with Julie (alongside a host of directors of films screening this year!) in the upcoming Women in Horror Month edition of Popcorn Horror Magazine. :) 

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